ABC, 123, HMRC

A very quick share today…

In my efforts to keep a family afloat as a single parent, I’ve often despaired at how convoluted and impersonal dealing with HMRC can be. Whether it’s a change to credits or the wrong tax code on your payslip, it’s an alien language. And it’s particularly challenging when you are anxious as all hell because the way the conversation goes will have such impact. You’re scared and confused, which is not a powerful position from which to advocate for your needs, especially when your executive function is prone to go offline rapidly in these conditions.

For those of us who don’t have the luxury of an accountant, a loved one who handles our finances, or the time to study it all ourselves, changes to taxation and credits are a real headache. Combine this with my (eroding) fear of appearing stupid or uninformed about anything, ever, ever, and soon you have an ostrich with her head stuck in the sand and just enough money to cover her now rather vulnerable arse. The final feather on the top is some needless shame about not earning very much at this single-parent, bereaved-by-suicide, trying-to-stay-afloat juncture of my life. Not attractive. Not the done thing to talk about earnings. Hide. Shush. Mask it away.

I’d often wished for a mentor to hold my hand through some of these processes using plain language, so that I could be sure I was making the best use of my hard-won income, and not being duped or ignored for any tax breaks or entitlements. And today I found it in a website.

Just have a read of the opening paragraph of The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group and feel the knots in your neck release a little. Here is a group of smart, just, proactive people who are making a difference to earners in this situation right now. They’re also campaigning for greater clarity in taxation. Imagine that – a taxation system that truly helps those who help themselves.

This would be a good moment to say thank you to all the volunteers and pro bono folk there who made this work, especially given that it’s Volunteers’ Week. If anyone who helped make this happen is reading – thank you from me, my children, and the people I work with who will be using these resources.

I’m off to ruffle some feathers…

One thought on “ABC, 123, HMRC

  1. I am 100% with you! Or at least, 70% minus cost of living allowance, plus 5% offset as this is food, but 10% back-stopped as it’s for a business lunch, but +1.785 of the domestic rate but only for 25% of my home.
    The rules seem insane. Of course they are not. The complexity allows the creation of jobs for accountants & HMRC inspectors, loopholes for the billionaires, and the fear it creates in us normal folk keeps us from asking too many questions. It’s the same as judicial law – incomprehensible nonsense designed to further disempower the non-ruling classes.
    I am all over the website, but have little hope they’ll succeed as the complexity serves those in power and they’re unlikely to give any of their power away.


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